20 April 2009

Notes from April's RS Gathering

We had a two wonderful Enrichment classes in April.

Thank you to Macy for a fabulous photography class. Check out some of her fine work....

Check out her website HERE for more examples of Macy's work. Her photography blog found through her website is wonderful as well. We are so fortunate that she's willing to share her expertise with us! We w
ere all WOWed by Macy's presentation at Enrichment as she taught us how to improve our photo composition, and how lighting effects our photographs, all the while using examples from her own photography. She also responded to questions posted prior to the class. Due to mass requests, Macy has agreed to repeat this class at a future Enrichment, so if you missed this class there will be another opportunity to participate.

In the kitchen we had The Breadman (aka. Wayne Menzie) who taught us all the in's and out's of the busy homemaker's dream recipe: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. The Breadman's class used common food storage supplies, and exemplified frugal baking since each loaf costs about 20 cents to create. During enrichment the Breadman baked 3 loaves of artisan bread. The baking bread permeated Sheryl's home, torturing the sisters in Macy's class. We enjoyed a slice of fresh-from-the-oven bread, and left wanting a loaf of our own. This is another class worthy of repeating, so stay tuned...
Click HERE for a downloadable copy of the Breadman's handout featuring the Artisan Bread Master Recipe and tips for baking a perfect loaf. Thank you, Wayne!

Thank you to Sheryl for hosting, thank you to all who attended, and we hope to see each of you at May's Enrichment activity...May 8, 7:30pm at the Weston chapel.

19 April 2009

May 8 Enrichment

Please join us for a special Mother’s Day concert at the Weston Stake Center on Friday, May 8, at 7:30pm with desserts and mingling afterward. This will be a cabaret-style performance mainly of Broadway songs about mothers and mothering by Macy Robison who is currently a music educator in Shrewsbury, MA, was a Young Ambassador at BYU, directed the stake’s production of Savior of World and performed in the first casting of that show in Salt Lake during the Olympics. Macy will perform: “Children Will Listen” from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim, “Just a Housewife” from Working by Craig Carnelia and many others. I recently attended a similar performance by Macy in Belmont and I enjoyed it very much. It was truly moving and cathartic at the same time. -Jamie Larson, Weston 1st Ward RS

We encourage you to invite your friends.
If you have questions or would like to carpool, please contact Rebecca Menzie.