24 March 2010

Time to CELEBRATE...

168 years of Relief Society! 168 years of visiting teaching, compassionate service, sisterhood, motherhood, WOMANHOOD, teaching moments, testimonies, listening, caring, temple worship, workshops-- family history, photography, organization, travel, baking, decorating, literature, history, gardening, sewing, beauty, journaling, etc....
This past year our ward Relief Society has come together for scores of needs, classes, and opportunities to serve. Therefore, we felt it was appropriate to celebrate the Relief Society's birthday by CELEBRATING each of YOU sisters. To those who were not able to attend, we love you, missed you, and truly appreciate all that you bring to our Relief Society!

Here's a little recap of our fun birthday celebration:



Click HERE for the corn and crab chowder recipe
Click HERE for the Zuppa Toscana recipe


On our display table, we collected birthday celebration supplies such as cake mixes, frosting, candles, birthday cards, cake pans, cupcake supplies, etc. We donated the supplies to our local women's shelter and they replied with a gracious Thank You note. They were grateful to have replenishment for their birthday celebrations which they have regularly. They are grateful for the continued support of our Relief Society.


Kayla came up with a memorable surprise game for our amazing Relief Society president, Sheryl. {Sheryl's birthday was the day after our party.} Kayla had a goofy picture of Sheryl blown up, and then photocopied the mouth & we played pin the lips on Sheryl. Here we are with our silly poses in support of silly Sheryl. Really, she has a huge heart and fills her days with love and service. We are so lucky to serve with you, Sheryl! SO lucky. We love you!



***We also played a nail polish relay race & had a Birthday Yankee Swap. Everyone went home with a "birthday" gift and fond memories of a FUN Relief Society celebration.***


Kayla used a flower scrapbook punch to make this bouquet of travel size scented hand sanitizer.

Happy 168th Birthday to the Relief Society. Best wishes in the year ahead!

04 March 2010


Thank you for all of the small and large acts of love you offer each day.
Our Relief Society is better because of YOU.

Post Edit: Click HERE to read a beautiful illustration of how following seemingly simple inspiration can lead to blessing a life in a deeply meaningful way.